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Could I lie next to you? [entries|friends|calendar]

love is the red of the rose on your coffin door.
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April 9th, 2:57pm ]



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February 6th, 12:35pm ]

Okay this is a new community. It's brand new, only two members... the ones who made it. This community is for anything primarily your opinion. You've got something to say? Say it here. Also, we love music and promoting music is always great. Promote locals, bands that you don't think many people know about, new stuff bands come out with, well... that is if we like your type of music. Make sure you guys comment on posts and state your opinion about things. Arguements are not forbidden at all. In fact, every so often one of the mods is going to post a subject for a debate and you guys need to comment your feelings. And in the end we will see who has the most support. This is meant to be a harsh community. Can you handle it?    By the way, the first 10 people that apply will be instantly accepted. But you still need to fill out an application.



HotxDamnCollapse )

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January 31st, 11:16pm ]
comment to be added.
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